Sunday, February 2, 2014

Name Pillows

I know, it's been a while. To be honest I've been debating whether or not to keep blogging. I have really enjoyed having a place to keep a record of the things I've made and share tutorials, etc. But being a busy mom of four makes it really hard to focus on blogging. I know other people are able to do it and maintain their families well too. But I know my family has to come first and I'm not trying to be some big-time blogger. Just a mom who likes to create and remember. :)
  So on that note I'd like to share a couple of things I made to give for Christmas. My dear friend Jane that used to be my neighbor now lives all over the world! Her husband works for the government and they spent the last two years in Brazil and now live in Riga, Latvia! How cool is that? I'll have to admit the hubs and I are pretty jealous, we would love to be living and traveling all over the world.
Jane has two beautiful daughters that were my daughters best friends. So we all miss each other to say the least! Awhile ago Jane had seen some name pillows that I had made and asked if I could make some for her daughters Chloe and Sophie-Claire. Of course! But of course I never got around to it. So this Christmas I was determined to make them and surprise them.
 Chloe's favorite colors are cool colors and Sophie-Claire's are warm colors. That made it really easy and fun. Since they share a room they match but are unique!

 I did a fusible web to attache the letters and then straight-stitched around the edges. I stipple quilted the white fabric and did a feather stitch around the edge.
On the back I used a nice, soft, coordinating minky fabirc and did white pom-pom balls all around (Jane's fav:). 
I also decided to send Jane my first quilt in years and years because the vibrancy and colors just reminded me of her and I wanted her to have something too.
I also decided to send Jane the first quilt I had made in years and years, by Flight of Fancy quilt. The vibrant, happy colors just remind me of her and I wanted her to have something special to remember us too.
It was really fun to ship this bright package off to Riga and sent a little happiness their way. I think they liked them. :)

On a fun note, my Quilted Valentine's Pillow was featured on Sew Mama Sew today! Check my other fun Valentine tutorials and printables on my right side bar.


Linda said...

These pillows are adorable! I love your fabric choices!

Maxine said...

Glad you are back, don't go away. Love the pillows and the quilt lucky people who received them

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